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Jun 20, 2010

Mal-Larci the Food Critic: Rolled Oats

My family were silly enough recently to leave the pantry door open so how could I resist trying a new taste experience: rolled oats. The packet sat temptingly right in front of my face (when I jumped onto the third shelf) so I chewed and scratched open a corner of the packet. Unfortunately, the whole thing fell onto the floor and left a good sized mess, but I'm hoping one of the other cats will get blamed for it.

Anyway, dry rolled oats are ok if you're desperate for something to fill a hole in your stomach. They are very dry to eat though and I had to drink a heap of water to get one mouthful down.

The taste is rather interesting, but I couldn't help but think it probably needed something else to make it go down better.
Out of five, I give dry rolled oats

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