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Jul 12, 2010


CHAPTER 15: Threats Against Oprah and George Clooney - Part One ©

A month after the attempted bombing of the cat-show, Headquarters called several of us in for a briefing.

At the front of the room Head Honcho Harry (not his real name) was presenting the latest findings about the bomber Katzenjammer.

"Thanks to Marie, Mal-Larci and Thomas we deduced the possibility that Katzenjammer worked as a repairer on clock towers somewhere in Australia, probably in a capital city. Two of our agents have made contact with owners of buildings with clock towers and gone through employee records. Once we narrowed down the options, we showed the video footage of the man from the cat-show and only one place indicated that they might know the identity of the man," Harry said.

My heart leapt in excitement. Did they know who Katzenjammer really was. Had they captured him?

"In Sydney, the management of The Westin and staff of the Sydney Town Hall identified that they had paid for regular upkeep on their clocks through a business called 'The Workx'."

"As maintenance work was usually carried out after hours, no-one was able to confirm if it was the same man, until we checked their security footage."

Harry pressed a button on his remote, and on the screen on the wall, we saw a largish man in a black coat and hat, walk through the front entrance, and enter the clock tower elevator.

"This person certainly looked similar to be the same man we saw in the security footage at the cat-show, but it still wasn't conclusive," Harry sighed.

"We investigated 'The Workx' who do the clock maintenance and discovered that it's a dummy company, owned by a larger business called 'Clock Clinix' based in Taiwan with links to Russia and Switzerland."

Pressing the remote again, a list of seven names appeared on the screen. 

"According to the records the Board of 'Clock Clinix' consists of these seven people. Unfortunately, these people are dead according to the government records. All other records simply lead to dead-ends."

I noticed Marie the hedgehog on the other side of the room. She glanced at me with a fierce look of frustration.

"While the company has been in business for more than twenty years, earlier records are just as useless and we have come to a stand-still in our investigations," Harry said.

"The Australian Government had already asked us to step in some time ago," Harry continued. "And now we've received a request from the United States Government to collaborate with their super-hero headquarters."

"Both Oprah and George Clooney have received death-threats from Katzenjammer. As far as we are aware, this is the first time a threat from the bomber has been received outside of Australia."

"Why is he focussing on such famous people?" Lara an African gazelle asked quietly. 

She was a graceful creature with gentle eyes. I eyed the horns on the top of her head and wondered if they played a role in her super-hero abilities.

At this point, Harry pressed the remote again and a printed letter appeared on the screen.

"Because both Mr Clooney and Oprah are co-jointly funding a program to save the critically endangered Scottish wildcat, elis silvestris grampia," Harry said, including its Latin name.

We read the letter on the screen. It was from Katzenjammer. We all knew how much he hated cats.

"While it was once a common sight in the UK, the Scottish wildcat is now threatened with extinction," Harry added.

"Katzenjammer has demanded that both George Clooney and Oprah cease their funding efforts and has threatened to kill them if they don't. Naturally Mr Clooney and Oprah are concerned, but they won't let threats stop them from doing what they love."

"We'll have three of our agents meet with the American Headquarters personnel to work with them on this project," Harry said.

"Agents Mal-Larci, Maria and Bob have been nominated for this mission. But first let us put work on some ideas about how we should proceed," Harry looked around the room.

"It's not only the lives of George Clooney and Oprah that are at risk," he added "But the lives of the Scottish wildcat as well."

I was delighted to be chosen for the mission, but dismayed by the actions of Katzenjammer and his ongoing threats. His craziness seemed to be growing.

Glancing across to the group around the table, I spotted Bob, the other superhero who would be joining Marie and myself on this mission. Bob was a human being. I know there aren't too many humans with superhero abilities, but I figured that Bob would probably be able to take us places we couldn't get into on our own. In his thirties, Bob was very thin with a long nose. Though not attractive in human terms, I liked his easy grin and thought we would get along very well. Marie smiled at me and I realised she thought the same way as I did.

I joined the group as we discussed our ideas for implementing a rescue, which would hopefully enable the capture of the elusive Katzenjammer and ensure the safety of Oprah and Mr Clooney.

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