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May 27, 2010


CHAPTER 3: Saving the Shuttle ©

I've taken to keeping an eye on the shuttle when I get the chance. There have been so many tragedies and near disasters over the years that I don't want people to lose hope when it came to space-travel. After all, space-travel is one thing that I cannot personally do, at least for any extended length of time.

On a recent trip back in the USA, I was flying past the area where the shuttle was due to return, when I spotted the craft. It was at that moment that I noticed a tile flapping near the back tail of the shuttle. Realising that I only had a few minutes to help the stricken craft, I flew across as fast as I could and grabbed hold of the shuttle tail with my rear legs. The air was drying out my eyes and I could barely see anything. It was tough trying to hold on at that speed with the wind roaring through my whiskers, and I'll tell you something else, we cats HATE having anything touch our whiskers!

Feeling with my toe-tips I pushed the corner of the tile back into place, and extended my right-paw pointer claw and sunk it into the corner of the tile and thrust it through into the body of the shuttle-craft. 

Quickly I twisted my paw so that the claw snapped off (Yeowwch!) and presto! A temporary nail held the tile in place. I crossed my toes and hoped it would make it back to base safely as I flew away.

After the crew returned to earth, there was no mention of a ginger-coloured blur on the back of the shuttle, though I'm sure the nearby jets that accompanied it back to base must have seen something.

Perhaps after all these years, NASA has told its pilots about we secret super-heroes.

Phew! Time to rest and relax with some tasty nibblies. I'm thinking of trying out licorice today.

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