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Jul 21, 2010


CHAPTER 18: Oprah's Private Jet is Blown Up ©

We were ready. It was now two weeks since Marie, Bob and I had flown to the USA to meet with their superhero Headquarters to make plans for the safety of Oprah and George Clooney who had been threated by the bomber Katzenjammer. 

Our experiences in Australia had proven that Katzenjammer was a serious threat, and we were determined to catch the serial bomber and put him away for a long, long time.

We were unsure why he had such a hatred of cats, but his continuing campaign to wipe them out, along with his obvious intelligence had led to his eluding our efforts to identify and track him down.
This time though we'd wanted to counteract the threat and had begun our planning early. 

Two weeks earlier we'd let it slip anonymously on Twitter that Mr Clooney and Oprah's were travelling to the UK on particular dates to help save the Scottish wildcat. All links from the anonymous writer led straight back to Oprah's office. My own computer knowledge and techniques had seen to that. Now we just had to hope the bomber would take the bait and make his plans around that.

Hidden on a roof near the hanger where Oprah's personal jet was usually parked, were Bob the Australian superhero and an FBI agent. Lily and I were out on a related assignment.
It was about twenty minutes before dawn and both George Clooney and Oprah made their way on board the jet. It would be only a matter of minutes before they took off.

Last minute preparations were being finalised: the luggage was loaded on-board, the plane's passenger door was closed after Oprah's Personal Assistant exited the craft, and finally a couple of food-carts were taken off, and the luggage door was closed.

So far, everything appeared to be normal. Tight security had ensured that no-one had access either to the jet nor the hanger, other than the maintenance crew, hospitality staff and the pilot and co-pilot. Each person had their identity checked and double-checked before entering the hanger.

Lily and the FBI agent waited patiently on our roof-top perch. Would the plan work?

The jet taxied onto the runway, waiting for approval to take-off from the tower before starting its run. After approval was received, the jet pushed itself along the tarmac, faster and faster until finally its wheels began to lift from the ground. Higher it rose and as it lifted into the sky, the sun began to peep over the horizon, its light reflecting on the jet's wing flaps..

It was just at that moment that the plane exploded. Great shooting flames shot out amongst the streams of broken metal and glass. It took a moment before the sound-wave struck our group on the roof-top. 

The blackened and twisted pieces of wreckage fell from the sky, and emergency crews were quickly at the scene, dousing the fires and sorting through the wreckage. They soon found there were no survivors.

Wherever he was, Katzenjammer must have been clapping his hands and laughing with delight at his success.

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