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Jun 18, 2010


CHAPTER 10: My Very First Super-Hero Assignment ©

One of the difficulties with being a super-hero pet is how to get in and out of our owner's home without being detected. As most of our call-outs are between midnight and dawn, our absence is not usually noticed. Headquarters built a secret exit through the wall in the kitchen which only I could trigger. It was completely undetectable to the naked eye, and in all the years I have been a super-hero, it has never been found.

When our training is finished, headquarters sends us out with a trainer for the first few assignments to ensure everything goes well, and to assist and give advice if necessary.

Just two days after I completed training, I received a communication to advise of a bush-fire several hundred kilometres away. It was threatening a small town and as the wind was picking up, the danger increased tenfold. 

One of my fellow super-heroes Fred, was waiting outside of my secret exit and we both flew at top speed to the location. 

The smoke was intense, even at our high altitudes, and the winds was stirring up the flames. I snorted ash out of my nostrils and my whiskers flickered in irritation.

"There's a lake nearby Mal-Larci," Fred said. "If we both can suck up a good quantity of water, we'll dump it at over the edges of the town nearest the bush-fire to reduce the risk of the houses catching fire. Then grab some more water and try to douse the flames as they edge closer to the town."

"Good idea," I said.

Flying to the lake, we separated and I began to spin up a strong whirlwind. Soon, water began to lift from the lake into the vortex, and heavy-laden both Fred and I began to carry out our task of dousing the area.

Within half an hour the edge of the bush-fire at passed around the town, greatly assisted by our dampening efforts. The towns-people had expressed surprise at the downpour of water, especially because they had not seen nor heard any helicopters, and the sky remained cloudless.

It had been hard work. Water is very heavy, and spinning at such high speed while carrying a heavy load saps ones energy.

Fred's face looked very tired and I think we were both glad to finish our work that night.

"You've got a good head on your shoulders," Fred said as we arrived at my home. "Next time, I'll leave all the decision making to you."

"Ok," I replied. I felt a little worried about whether I would make any mistakes and Fred must have noticed my expression.

"Don't worry," he said. "We all make mistakes at some point. But the world is lucky to have you. Without us super-heroes, imagine how many more people would suffer or die."

I felt a little comforted at the thought, but still carried some doubt and worry at the back of my mind.

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