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Jun 4, 2010


CHAPTER 7: How I Came to Be a Super-Hero - Part Three ©

Perhaps because I was focusing too much on what I thought were standard superhero abilities, it didn't dawn on me for some weeks after Boss left, that I might already have a superhero skill, but not recognise it and assume they were just the same kinds of skills as everyone else.

Without wanting my antics to appear too odd to my family, I endeavoured to discover if I had any other super skills. I already knew I wasn't invulnerable because of the occasional stubbed paw and rough house-play with members of my family. And five weeks after Boss' departure, I had compiled a list of the skills I didn't have which included:
  • lasers for eyes;
  • psychic abilities;
  • x-ray vision;
  • telekinesis;
  • water diviner;
  • nor even the ability to scare away dogs 
It was on a day when I was feeling particularly sorry for myself, and was sulking out in the sun on the back verandah that I discovered it. One of my other housemates, a grey Persian was soaking up the sun when I heard the sound of a willy wagtail.

"I wish I was feeling up to chasing that willy wagtail," I said, swishing my tail slowly back and forth.

The Persian turned her cinnamon eyes towards me, "I don't know why you bother with them. They're too hard to catch."

"Yes, but the way they taunt us drives me wild sometimes," I replied. "That fellow in the yard in the second last house down the road, has been tormenting that old tom for the last twenty minutes."

"What house?" she queried.

"The blue one with the double shed and greenhouse. Second last house on the left," I said turning over and looking directly at it.

The Persian looked in that direction and said, "Do you mean that one about 20 houses away?"

"Yes," I replied. "Look at that rotten willy wagtail, prancing around and waggling his tail. The old tom looks like he's ready to eat a willy wagtail sandwich at any moment."

"You're pulling my paw!" she exclaimed.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"All I can make out is a blue blob where the house is," she said.

"And the willy wagtail tormenting the old tom," I stated firmly.

"I've heard of human beings making up tall tales," the Persian said in an annoyed voice, "But I never thought a cat would stoop to pretending they can see and hear so far away."

The world seemed to slow down as the realisation of what she was saying began to sink into my brain. 

"But surely you can see that tom and the bird?" I asked.

"Of course not," she snorted. "Please go away if you are going to start playing silly games."

"I... oh... um," I muttered as my brain began clearing. "Yes, I guess it was a bit silly," I said agreeably. "I won't try one of those human tall-tales on you ever again."

"Good," she said. 

Stretching out with a contented yawn, she blinked a couple of times before laying her head onto her two front paws and closing her eyes.

I blinked a couple of times too. My heart was racing like wildfire as I realised that I possessed what could be both super-sight and super-hearing. My heart pounded in my chest with excitement.

Racing to the edge of the verandah, I began testing my skills, to see how far I could push them.
I wondered how long it would be before Boss would return, and I could officially join the training program to become a real superhero.

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