~ Follow my adventures as a super-hero cat and an eccentric food taster ~

Nov 13, 2010

Your Questions to Mal-Larci

Now that Mal-Larci's first series of adventures are over, Mal-Larci is keen to answer any questions you may have for him about being a feline super-hero.

Just submit your question in the comment section before the end of December.

Meantime, Mal-Larci would like to thank you for thinking of him as he continues to recuperate from his injuries and to recommence his training.

Oct 28, 2010

Mal-Larci is Back in Training

Note: Mal-Larci has recommenced his training, both to improve his speed and flexibility, and also to bring him up to date on the latest news from Headquarters. 

Once Headquarters determines he's ok to return to work, Mal-Larci will recommence his blog. 

Meantime though, he's feeling a bit stir-crazy.

Sep 25, 2010

Larci's Progress Up-date

Mal-larci's injuries are healing well, and he's able to get about now without much help. 

It will be a few more weeks before he's able to return to his superhero duties though.

He sends out a big "HELLO!" to you.

Aug 3, 2010

Mal-Larci's Adventures on Hold - Temporarily

While Mal-Larci is recuperating from his injuries, Book 2 and his further adventures is on hold, but not for too long.

By the way, Mal-Larci says, "Hi!"