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Jun 1, 2010

Mal-Larci the Food Critic: Tuna Eyes

All fellow superhero cats are told to avoid some Asian countries when possible because we can be mistaken for the family's main course. One can avoid being seen when there are disasters because people are often more focussed on what's happening, rather than keeping an eye out for a possible meal.

But this time as I was flying past Japan, I thought I'd drop onto the roof of a restaurant from which some delicious aromas were rising. There I spotted something I had never tried before, that made my mouth water in anticipation. Tuna Eyes! 

These tuna eyes were steamed (they come raw or fried as well) and with my lightning fast speed, I was in and out of the restaurant with a bowl of tuna eyes in less than half a second.

I ate them as I flew back home, slowing my usual speed down so that the food  kept its heat.

Tuna eyes is a special and delicious treat, if you don't mind your food looking back to you.

My rating for tuna eyes out of five was: 

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