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Jul 16, 2010


CHAPTER 17: Threats Against Oprah and George Clooney - Part Three ©

It was a very enlightening lunch. I discovered that Shirley, one of the humans we had met earlier, worked for US Headquarters. Abe was a representative from the FBI and had been working with Headquarters on the case. Oprah's security had informed the FBI as soon as they had received the threat. Neither Shirley nor Abe had any super-abilities.
All three animals we'd met possessed different abilities.

Neville the goat could to flatten himself until he is paper-thin, after which he can slip under doors etc. In addition he's a brilliant mathematician and has indestructible horns.

The hamster Didi has an incredibly logical mind and is the Chief Executive Officer of the US Headquarters. Her talents included advanced computing, technical and software knowledge and a photographic memory.
I had been impatient to hear about Lily the civet and got side-tracked by her long, twitching whiskers as she began to speak. I reminded myself to focus on what she was saying.

"I am able to camouflage myself against any surface so that I become practically invisible," Lily said. "Headquarters has equipped me with inbuilt connections to my whiskers to improve my super-ability to pick up specific radio waves, such as walky-talkies etc, and transmit them back to Headquarters. I am also able to mimic anyone's voice, if I hear it just once."

She was my ideal super-hero cat, I decided, if she was indeed a cat.

After lunch we discussed various plans, fine-tuning them until we had some strategies in place. As with any plans, they had to be flexible because we could never tell what might arise. 

As part of our plans, we wanted to ensure that Katzenjammer was informed of the flight plans for Mr Clooney and Oprah. Using Oprah's private jet was essential but we didn't want to make it too obvious to Katzenjammer what the flight plans were, because he would probably guess that someone was planning to ambush him there. So we had to be secretive but still let the information slip out to the public.

I was able to use my computer skills to set up a fake identity on Twitter with links back to Harpo, Oprah's organisation. On Twitter I suggested that I might have heard about Oprah's plans to visit Scotland with George and included the dates of their flights.  Anyone with computer know-how should be fooled by the computer links that suggested I was an assistant at Harpo.

Once Katzenjammer took the bait, we would put our plans into place which would hopefully see him captured, and put away for good.

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