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May 29, 2010


Chapter 4: The Life of a Superhero  ©

Most people would like to think the life of a superhero is filled with thrilling adventures, saving lives and getting lots of thanks from grateful people. But in many ways, it's like any ordinary job. 
Most people in the world have jobs that are 90% boring and 10% interesting. The same is true for the superhero. Our job is 90% boredom and 10% heroism.

First I hear the distress call on my in-built radio that can translate any language into cat. Then consider the distances I have to travel between each assignment. When I finally reach my destination, I have to put a plan into action to save as many lives as possible. Each task then requires me to bring about repairs when possible, such as holding up a collapsing bridge, or temporarily repairing a broken dam wall, or simply looking for a lost child in tunnels. 

The actual rescue takes only a fraction of the time. Sometimes I have to assist the police or fire-rescue in finding lost people. 

As a secret super-hero, I have to fly out before anyone notices my presence.

I don't usually get thanks. 

Now, I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I love my job! I love being able to help people when they are in difficulty. 

When I first got to know my special super-abilities, I realised that as an extraordinary cat, I could not live the ordinary life of a house-moggy. In a way, it was my responsibility to use my gifts the best way I could, after all, that was the way God made me.

One of my most common tasks is finding lost children and pets. You would be amazed at the kinds and numbers of places where animals and people can get lost. 

Some places are dark and scary, other places are high up, or hot or cold, or deep, deep down in the earth. 

Here's a photo of me rescuing a 3 week old kitten from a drainpipe near its home. The silly thing was fascinated by the frogs in the pond, and was very soon lost in a drainpipe. Fortunately, my super-hearing picked up its distressed calls and I was able to take it home to its mother.

Cat mothers are usually very thankful when I return their children to them, but dog mothers get cross if one of their puppies is rescued by a cat. They think super-heroes should only ever be dogs or people.

Dogs are snobs.

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