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Jul 15, 2010

Mal-Larci the Food Critic: Surströmming

I was flying over northern Sweden several months ago when I recalled a special food that the Swedes like to call Surströmming. It is fermented herring that they put into a barrel for a year. 

From reports the smell is quite intensive and its usually only the locals who can appreciate its taste. 

So I decided to drop by and see if I could find some to try out. They were available in many supermarkets in smaller sized cans. 

Flying in at super-speed I dropped some money on the counter and flew out with a can, before anyone could even blink an eye. I hoped they could exchange Australian dollars.

Waiting until I arrived home, I snuck out into the back garden and opened up the can. Oh what a gloriously delicious smell! It was heavenly, and quite unlike any aroma I had experienced before. Reaching in I snagged a herring with my claws and popped it into my mouth.

It was the strongest, strangest and most divine fish I've eaten in my life. Wow! Finally some human beings who can appreciate real food.

Out of five, I gave Surströmming: 

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